Keeping Your Family Safe in the Lawn


Oct 19, 2019

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Why do you care so much about your lawn?

Because it’s where your family plays and lives. That green grass is meant for backyard barbecues, impromptu baseball games and lying on your backs as you count the stars.

But the very products you use to keep your lawn healthy can be hazardous to your family. Kids and pets are especially susceptible to toxins because of their smaller body size and natural curiosity which leads them to touch (and taste!) things they maybe shouldn’t.

Balancing the health of your lawn with the health of your family isn’t as hard as you may think.

Just follow a few simple guidelines and you’ll have smiles all around.

Read Lawn Product Labels

Keeping Your Family Safe in the Lawn 1

Whether you are prepping your lawn for winter with a potassium fertilizer or taking care of annoying weeds with a post-emergent herbicide, you’re using products that can be dangerous.

Before you use any product on your lawn, you need to read that label so you understand the proper method for applying the product and any needed safety precautions.

Today’s market has a multitude of options including organic and all-natural options. However, don’t assume that an organic or natural product comes without dangers. Treat them just as carefully as you would any other lawncare product.

More is Not Better

Keeping Your Family Safe in the Lawn 2

If adding fertilizer to your lawn helps it grow then adding double the amount should really make it lush, right? No.

Follow the instructions on the products you use strictly when it comes to how much to use and how often. Over-applying lawn chemicals can lead to a runoff which means unused product simply flows away into groundwater and other natural areas.

If you take a multivitamin to stay healthy, you probably know that if you double up your dose your body simply can’t absorb that much of the vitamins. It just passes through you. It’s the same with your lawn.

Besides the obvious safety concerns of over-applying products it’s a big money waster.

Make it A Solo Job

Keeping Your Family Safe in the Lawn 3

It’s great when kids want to help out, but this is one job you should do alone or with the help of another adult. It’s just too hard to keep eyes on them the whole time to be certain that they are following all safety precautions.

Have the kiddos stay inside, or better yet, try to do the job when they are not home.

Keep Off the Grass

Keeping Your Family Safe in the Lawn 4

Perhaps the most important safety rule when you are treating your lawn is to keep your family and pets off the grass as you work and once you are done.

How long do you need to wait?

Step one is to look for instructions on the label of whatever products you use. Take those instructions seriously.

If anything, tack on an extra 24 hours to whatever the label says just to be safe. If you’re planning for a big event on your lawn, try to take care of any fertilizing, weed or bug killing a week ahead of time to play it safe.

More Tips for Lawn Care Safety

Don’t treat your lawn on a windy day. If you are using a liquid product, the spray can drift with the wind and end up where you don’t want it, like in your house

Close all windows on your home. Even if it’s not particularly breezy, some lawn care products have a rather noxious smell. Play it safe and close the windows until the lawn is considered safe to walk on again.

Shed your clothes in the garage. It’s practically impossible not to get some of the lawn products on your shoes or even pants and shirt. You don’t want to carry that in the house with you. The chemicals can attach themselves to carpeting or other materials where they won’t break down naturally as they would outside.

Spot treat your lawn when you can. If you have a small section of weeds driving you nuts, you don’t have to treat the whole lawn. Any time you can spot-treat means you will be using less product and lowering the risk to your family and pets. Just be sure to clearly mark the area that you have treated.

Enjoy Your Lawn Safely

The reason you put so much care into your lawn is so that your family and pets can enjoy spending time out there. It’s a good thing.

By choosing your lawn care products carefully and following the instructions on the label, you can have the lawn you dream of while keeping everyone safe. Follow the other simple tips in this article and you should be extra safe.

When you do it right both your lawn and your kids can grow strong, healthy, and happy.