There's a reason why we're trusted by thousands

Our pledge

We’re here for one reason… We take pride in what is ours.

Our lawns are the first thing people see when they drive past our homes or come by to visit us…

Because first impressions really do matter.

Here at LawnStar, our pledge to you is simple: Create a new generation of lawn care products utilizing state-of-the-art technology, that not only get your lawn to where it needs to be, but also save you time, effort and your hard-earned dollars while getting there too.

About Us 1

Challenging the norm

As a small, forward-thinking American business born in an outdated industry—we’re challenging what has become the norm. Never has there been a more exciting time in lawn care… With so many game-changing scientific developments in recent years that are shifting the way we think of turf, soil and the plants that surround us.

Yet people are still being sold products that were designed decades ago.

We’re not saying these products weren’t important. We’re here today because of them, and our team’s decades worth of experience is deeply rooted in them.

But we believe it’s time people opt for a new generation.

A safer generation.

A greener generation.

A more effective generation.

Always Made in the USA

When we were established in 2015, we vowed to make and manufacture all of our products by the hands of hard-working Americans.

And to this day, this is exactly what we have done.

Our packaging suppliers are all America, too.

About Us 2

The Evergreen Guarantee

We realize that purchasing items online can be daunting. If something goes wrong with an item you purchased in-store, you can simply visit them and get things figured out.

We realize that if we want people to challenge the norm, we must not only match this peace-of-mind, but raise the stakes entirely.

So, we created The Evergreen Guarantee. Simply put, if you aren’t satisfied with the results you get from trying any one of our products, contact us within thirty days of your order date and we will arrange a no-questions-asked return plus refund.

No customer goes away unhappy.

About Us 3

There’s a lot more to come.
Watch this turf.