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LawnStar privacy policy

We know you value your data security when you’re browsing the web. That’s why it’s important for us to make sure that when you’re using our service, you know exactly what’s happening behind the scenes.

On this page, you can learn about our privacy policy and data protection measures which have been designed to keep you safe from nasty online practices, and to give you the best experience we can offer.

What are cookies?

At their core, cookies are tiny files which are temporarily saved on your computer. They contain information about the websites you visit and some of the actions you take on them. Just about every website on the World Wide Web uses cookies as it helps them tailor the experience to their user’s particular preferences. uses several third-party cookies to improve the usability and safety of this website. The data we collect about our visitors is NOT accurate, personal or identifiable (i.e. names, emails, dates of birth etc).

We do collect non-identifiable information such as general demographics and geographic locations (age range, state, IP address).

Compliance is important to our team, so if you keep reading, we’ll go into more detail about the individual services we host on our website. Each brings their own cookies and compliance measures and we only work with companies we know, and we trust.

Google Analytics (GA)

You may have heard of this one. GA is the most popular website performance metric tool in the world. Google Analytics studies the non-identifiable information about our users so that we can measure broad trends about how people interact with our website.

You can read more about Google Analytics by clicking this link here:

Google Search Console (GSC)

GSC is another internationally popular tool for enhancing the overall website experience. We have the Search Console installed in order to see if any links on our website are broken, and how often people click on them. This tool also lets us know whether Google can find our website, which is important so that we can reach out to more potential customers. GSC is fantastic for letting us know whether users are interested in certain offers, and whether we should remove anything that our users do not find interesting.

You can read more about Google Search Console by clicking this link here:

Hotjar (HJ)

HJ is another tool utilize on this website, in order to enhance your experience. Hotjar collects non-identifiable information about our users to create heatmaps of this website. A heatmap essentially shows us where people scroll to, how long they spend looking at certain elements and what path they are most likely to take through our website. Hotjar provides us with screen recordings of this user navigation process, so it is very insightful for enhancing your experience.

You can read more about Hotjar by clicking this link here:

Facebook pixel (FP)

FP is another supremely popular digital marketing tool, developed by Facebook to be used with their advertisement branch. Users who interact with LawnStar advertisements on Facebook and reach our website by such means will trigger the Facebook pixel, which allows us to present even better and more relevant advertisements to them the next time they visit Facebook.

You can read more about the Facebook pixel by clicking this link here:

Google Adwords (GAds)

Like the Facebook pixel, Google has its own advertisement support tool called Adwords. Adwords essentially uses the same data as Google Analytics and Search Console but in such a way that it ensures you only receive the most relevant and wanted LawnStar advertisements based on how you’ve interacted with our brand outside of this website itself.

You can read about Google Adwords by clicking this link here:


Have you received any emails from us? We used Klaviyo to send them. Klaviyo is an email marketing and automation tool which allows us to keep our customers updated about the latest news and deals we are offering. The difference between Klaviyo and the other third-party tools is that this one DOES collect identifiable information (your name and email address). Because of this major difference, you are not automatically placed on this tool and you physically have to opt into it by providing your details in the sign-up mail forms we have placed in locations such as the footer of this website.

By opting into this service, you agree to provide us with your name and email so that we can email you as part of our marketing campaigns.

You can read about Klaviyo by clicking this link here:


Shopify is an eCommerce platform we use for handling the selling and transacting of LawnStar products on this website. When you select a product and proceed to checkout through, you are forwarded to our Shopify encrypted channel which automatically takes care of the digital fulfilment of the order. Shopify is one of the most popular eCommerce solutions on the web and is immensely secure when dealing with credit card, transactional and personal user data.

You can read about Shopify by clicking this link here:

Contact Form 7 (CF7)

This website has been built on the open source platform known as WordPress, the single most popular online development tool in the world. WordPress allows its developers to use third-party “plugins” to improve the user experience. We use a plugin called Contact Form 7 on our contact page, so you are able to get a hold of us.

CF7 sends your message, email and name to our internal servers which are SSL-encrypted and secured by industry-standard https protocol. We use this information to get back to you with assistance, and not for marketing purposes. Marketing purposes are reserved for Klaviyo, which you have complete freedom to opt in or out of.

You can read about CF7 by clicking this link here: